Genius Loci

Can a picture unquestionably communicate the place where it was taken and, even more so, the unique spirit of that place? That place, which stands out in the form of emotion, light or protagonist of the portrayed scene?

This collection of pictures exhibited at the Leica Gallery in Constance in 2023 aims to capture the essence of a place and its inhabitants by what could be called the “Genius Loci” – the spirit of a place. In its contemporary meaning, this term indicates the ensemble of landscape, architecture, as well as social, and cultural habits, which are intimately related to the people that live in that place or shape it and, thus, uniquely characterise it. This can take the evidence of the light and landscape, or that of a trait of a local tradition, or a landmark, or a character that embodies the personality of thos living in that place. The exhibition offers a glimpse of the “Genius Loci” across many regions of the world spanning Europe, North America, and Southeast Asia. Despite the broad diversity of culture and environments, each place of the world exhibits its own spirit of place – a different “Genius Loci”.

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