American Icons

Is there a country that is more iconic than the United States of America?

They were (and still are) documented by the Masters of Photography, who offered their view of the multifaceted nature of the country. The few times I had a chance to travel across the country, I realised that, despite such a multifaceted and ever-changing nature, the USA are characterised by a sort of profound genetic imprinting that is repeatedly reflected in “American Icons”, which never change.

They provide timeless images of gorgeous natural and urban landscapes; of intense and profound patriotism often tied with wars but also celebrating the greatness of the nation; of the American dream of a society based on equal opportunities, which is conversely still affected by racial contradictions and ideological conflicts; of “landmarks”, be these a brand, or a building, or an institution, or the landing on the Moon, which every human being on Earth can recognise and name; of a bustling city life, which, however, ends up too often into a competitive society that leads to dramatic loneliness of individuals.

Timeless images of a great country that we see in movies portraying American society. Timeless “American Icons”, precisely.